Heart and Soul Poems

Heart and Soul Poems

1. Life 

More in Common

Speechless (a poem about leadership and injustice in Covid-19)

Lockdown Life: Same But Different


Work is…

Courage Is…

Something Shifts (written for Suicide Prevention Week 2019)

After that Day (written for Suicide Prevention Week 2019)

Big Stone

Wild Swim, Wonderful World

Why I Run

What Makes Me Happy

On Being Brave

Be kind to your mind

2. Family Life

Our Nurses

Family Holidays. Warts and All

Mothering Sunday

3. Friends for Life

To Lisa


Lisa Bee

4. Active Life


After that Day

Something Shifts

The Week Before The Marathon

For Life, For Good

What’s in a Daily Mile?

What you learn about yourself when you’re digging deep

5. Community Life and Society


Whaley Bridge: A Community. Strong.

I’m Not Just a Consumer

GM for Women

Deeds Not Words

Other Blog Articles: Leadership, Learning and Life

1. Movement Building

Learning all the time: My GM Moving Journey Sept 2018-June 2020

Capturing and evidencing change as we create the conditions for a movement to grow…

How do we grow GM Moving? Reflections on our Round Table with Andy Burnham, Feb 2020

The Power of How: Changing the World with our Words

The Power of How: From Know How to Do How

The Power of ‘How’ (Feb 2020)

What’s the value of your work and your approach? (The Power of ‘How’ Series)

The Power of Active Soles to Change the World (Adapted from TEDx script, July 2019)

Learning about movement building: Active Soles and Active Souls (Learning since the TEDx talk. Nov 2019)

GM Moving: An Unfinished Symphony

The Art and Soul of Building a Movement

Life in the Web (The Art and Soul of Building a Movement)

The Critical Yeast (The Art and Soul of Building a Movement)

The Gift of Pessimism (The Art and Soul of Building a Movement)

Leading with Ease (The Art and Soul of Building a Movement)

How do you start a social movement?

Join the movement. Tell your story.

2. Culture Change

Covid-19 and Culture Change

A New Beginning

The Power of How: Culture Change

3. System Change

System Change: What’s the Art of the Possible?

System Change: What’s Getting in the Way?

Inclusive and Accessible System Change: Whats’ the Art of the Possible?

4. Leadership

It’s ok not to be ok: for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Conflict Resolution and Transformation

The Future of Work: Build Back Better?

A New Beginning (Covid Recovery)

Covid-19: Our Community Response

What Matters? from GM SEND event

Growing a Learning System: How would we know?

A Blog on Blogging

Working for Nothing? – written for Volunteering Week (Pass on Your Passion, Women in Volunteering)

Finding Time…

Culture Change: Together We Can

When the Conversation Feels Difficult? Go There.. (it’s where the magic happens)

People and Communities with Potential (reflections on growing up in NSEC Group 7)

Collaboration? Partnership Working? What’s the difference?

Colleagues’? – a poem

In the Shadow of Great Leaders

Feeling Stuck?

Holding Your Nerve (and everyone else’s)

Before You Speak

Back to Work (A Blog for New Year)

Small Things, Big Difference: Moving More and Dementia

Work Like a Woman (Doing Things Differently in Greater Manchester)

Stretch or Strain: A journey towards resilient leadership (and life)

5. Learning from GM Moving 

GM Moving Journey and Learning

GM Moving Pointers for Leadership Practice

GM Moving Local Pilot learning (1)

GM Moving Local Pilot learning (2)

GM Walking: Connecting and Growing the Ecosystem

People with passion and purpose

6. Active, Healthy and Happy Lives

It’s time to break the taboo…. (Periods, menopause and physical activity)

Time to listen. Time to talk

When life gets tough

Heads Together

How’s your lifestyle?

Conversations that Matter– Guest Blog: Mandy Berriman

Cardiac Rehab: Our Journey

People can achieve the impossible

A Year of Change– Guest blog; my mum

Seeing Things Differently– from prescribed exercises to fun (Guest Blog)

For big kids, for little kids. Traffic free fun for everyone

The Workplace Daily Mile

The inspiration of Charlie Craig and the power of 15 minutes a day

7. Nature, Adventure and Connection

Outside I can breathe

I’m addicted

Women in Adventure

Finding your natural high

The day is long

8. Active Travel

Changing Gear: Advice Welcome

Just do it!

My journey into active travel

Active Travel- My Journey So Far

A day off to explore Greater Manchester by bike

Mobike Manchester

Mobikes: A Dream Come True

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